Streamline the management of shipments into Amazon FBA

  • Connect seamlessly to your Amazon Seller accounts to create and manage your shipment plans

  • Increase sales opportunities with increased FBA stock levels

  • Manage inventory and keep track of your your shipments


Manage your shipments with Shipment Scholar

Organize your shipment workflow
Unlock sales opportunities with timely deliveries
Manage inventory and track shipments

Keep customers happy by keeping products in stock

  • Increase sales opportunities with increased FBA stock levels

  • Timely inbound shipments into Amazon fulfillment centers decrease the risk of running out of stock and gives a better overall forecast of storage costs


Simple and flexible pricing for your shipment needs

1 Shipment Plan Credit
$ 45 / credit

For newer sellers who send shipments from time to time into Amazon FBA

  • Create and manage 1 shipment plan

  • Connect to multiple seller accounts

  • Sync all products

  • Manage ship-from address book

  • Review shipment plan history

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About Us

We are a team with extensive experience in logistics and building great software.


Over 20 years of experience

As a team, we have over 20 years of experience in logistics and software engineering. We are determined to build the best shipment management solution for your needs.

We understand the headache of inventory and shipment management, so we created a streamlined solution for helping sellers create shipment plans into Amazon FBA.

Dedicated to keeping Amazon sellers happy

We understand how important it is for timely shipments into Amazon FBA. Minimizing out-of-stock situations keeps your customers happy and your product rankings high.

Global experience, local support

Need help? The Shipment Scholar team is available in every time zone, has deep Amazon shipment expertise, and can support you on your journey to streamlined shipments into Amazon FBA.



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